Q. What are the ways to help children overcome social anxiety?

What are the ways to help children overcome social anxiety?






Nov, 2018

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  • healthnaturo

    Social anxiety can be very common in children. This can affect the mental health an well being of the children. Most children suffer from anxiety thinking about bullying at school, negative comments, rejections and pressure of studying. Children suffering from anxiety are just not shy but they fear of doing anything to avoid interacting with people. Some of the symptoms of social anxiety in children are-
    • Such kids are afraid of performing or doing anything in public
    • They do not interact with other kids
    • Such people are seen to be very submissive
    • Excessive sweating and shaking
    • They throw tantrums for going to school
    This condition can affect their learning process as well. Thus it is very important that such children are give the right treatments for better results. Some of the effective ways that helps in managing this condition in children are-
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • behavioral therapy
    • use of Nootropics for anxietysuch as Modalert.


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  • coteolivia

    In this rapidly moving world, one of the greatest problems in developing young minds is social anxiety. Social anxiety can often prevent children from engaging in conversations, from taking appropriate risks and learning through making mistakes. A child with social anxiety can become so self-conscious that the fear of being embarrassed or letting others down can overtake their natural learning progression.

    Here are 3 ideas on how to reduce anxiety in children:

    1. Connect with Your Child Through the PACE Model
    2. Talk About Social Anxiety
    3. Focus on the Process, Not the Goal

    These are very basic steps that you as a parent or a teacher can take to help a child overcome social anxiety. There are several social-emotional learning programs too, that help prevent anxiety in young children allowing them to live a balanced life of resilience and wellbeing.
    There is one Non-Profit Organisation in Australia which is providing professional training to children on social emotional development. To know more you can visit: https://pathwaystoresilience.org


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