Q. Why do we think we need water to live on earth for long?

Why do we think we need water to live on earth for long?






Nov, 2018

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  • nunezdanny

    Dewatering not merely saves on water but will significantly reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of; reducing haulage transportation costs, time and labour providing the customer a general reduction in disposal costs. Like, a person has 100 tons of liquid waste to get rid of, off site, that typically only 10% might be solid material with the rest of the 90% filtrate. With the usage of mobile dewatering equipment 90 tons of filtrate may be recycled back to plant, as opposed to transporting 100 tons of liquid off site https://ekoton-corp.com/ekoproducts/... .


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  • pmahajan18

    Our body is made up of water comprises of about 70% water


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