Q. What are the best business communication tools for internal communication?

What are the best business communication tools for internal communication?






Dec, 2018

2 Answers
  • harryjohnson

    There is a tool built by Salesforce to help organizations to enhance and improve there internal communication and collaboration. Tht tool is known as Salesforce Chatter.
    Chatter is an organisational social network platform that unites all employees and removes departmental communication boundaries. The company created Salesforce chatter to let users communicate with one another and securely share information and other documents.

    Learn more about Salesforce Chatter features, the integration process, benefits and how Salesforce Chatter customization enhance your business communication, collaboration, networking and overall your internal efficiency.

    If you want to implement or customize Salesforce Chatter to meet your organizationals goal, connect with Salesforce Consulting Services provider today!


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  • issac

    We recently moved to Clariti (https://clariti.app/) it appears to be one of the best tools available for internal communications. It is quite simple to use, easy to sign up and it is free also. Apart from messaging, it can handle e-mails, document sharing, social feeds also. So why use different applications for different purpose. This is an all purpose communication software.


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