Q. What drink do you like in the morning...?

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What drink do you like in the morning...?

  1. coffee
  2. sweet tea
  3. red wine
  4. fruit juice
  5. warm water
  6. hot milk






Dec, 2018

  • lorenzo

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  • Anonymous

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  • danielshaw

    I love start my morning with some natural jucies after that drink some coffee to refresh my mood. Mostly love those Health Drinks made up of natural fruits without any preservative and color.


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  • cryptolord

    I prefer drinking lukewarm water in the morning with a lemon in it. It helps in making my body PH balanced and maintain a positive nitrogen balance throughout the day. Some people use Apple Cider Vinegar.

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  • karmesh

    The first drink in the morning would be a big glass of water. I prefer milk or tea over fruit juices unless the juices are naturally extracted and aren’t the artificial ones. Try eating raw fruits over juices to keep a check on natural fiber.


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