Q. What are examples of great communication tools for a new CEO?

What are examples of great communication tools for a new CEO?






Dec, 2018

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  • markwood321

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  • milton

    Communication tools which have the most modern features like:
    1) Instant messaging
    2) Seamless chat from emails
    3) Sharing documents instantly
    4) To-Do’s
    5) Access from anywhere, anytime.
    Most importantly. Since a CEO may be interacting with a lot of stakeholders - both internally and externally, he would be expecting a tool that is very efficient in storing all forms of communication based on some context. So that he/she can go back and check on the history. Being a CEO of a company, I can say for sure that this tool satisfies almost all my requirements. https://clariti.app/why-clariti/
    You can try it and see how it works for you.


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