Q. My project Cervesium Beer Rating site?

My project Cervesium Beer Rating site?

Hi everyone. I just want to show my project. Cervesium is a beer review platform based on blockchain rewards.

If anyone is interested presentation site is here: https://presentation.cervesium.com

Working platform: https://cervesium.com

Android application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...

Airdrop info: https://cervesium.com/airdrop/

If you have any question just ask. Have a nice day :)






Jan, 2019

2 Answers
  • cryptolord

    I recently saw the site. It looks good but it still needs images as per my opinion. There should be much space between divisions. I see the goal is 5 ETH but how much has been raised so far and how much coins have been sold is not clear.


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  • tonystark

    I recently checked your website and honestly found it quiet jumbled up. Try to get some free space between elements and make it more presentable. I think its a nice idea overall and good application of blockchain. Do you have any whitepaper to explain this in more depth? Please comment any addition detail i might have missed out.


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