Q. What are the benefits of Biophilic Office Designs?


What are the benefits of Biophilic Office Designs?






Jan, 2019

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  • coteolivia

    We know that the environment we work in has a huge impact on the work that we do its productivity, well-being as well as happiness. Here are our top two our favorite elements of biophilic office designs that you can incorporate easily into your workplace:

    1. Let Natural Light & Outside Views In
    Views from the outside world and natural light play a major role in boosting an employee’s energy levels at work. Connectivity with the external world, while being at work boosts wellbeing, creativity, and productivity. A naturally lit workplace is also great for connecting to the day’s natural rhythms, counteracting negative effects of artificial light on things like eyesight and overall health.

    2. Bring the Outside In
    More than 50% of offices don’t have plants or elements of nature within them. Making nature part of your office design can improve employee well being and soften the harsh environment of an office. Consider living walls to use biophilic design concepts, mimicking nature and reducing the number of harsh walls and corner shapes in workspaces. Timber walls, patterns, color and texture evocative of nature can contribute to a sense of well being and embrace the biophilic design concept to create a space that can improve well being and reduce stress.

    The best way to add more positivity and freshness to any space is by adding more greenery to it. Welcome nature to your office with biophilic designs and watch your workplace.


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