Q. What are the benefits of Living Walls?


What are the benefits of Living Walls?






Jan, 2019

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    Benefits of a living wall. A living wall offers numerous benefits at economic, ecological and societal level. A living wall helps to purify the air, to reduce the ambient temperature, to regulate the temperature and promotes biodiversity in the city. Living walls are part of climate-proof construction.


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  • cryptooli

    -Better microclimate (cooling in summer, isolating in winter)
    -Decoration aspect


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  • coteolivia

    The idea of bringing the outdoors to the indoors has never failed any interior design. Rather, it just makes the space more active, lively, vibrant and fresh. Following the trend of biophilic designs, office space planners and designers all over the world are creating wonderful workspaces where employees love to be.

    Bring In Greenery
    More than 50% of offices don’t have plants or elements of nature within them. Making nature part of your office design can improve employee well being and soften the harsh environment of an office.

    Noise Level Reduction
    Have you seen living walls in hallways and reception areas? Did you know that greenery and the way the walls grow can absorb noise? Think about it, plants have been used along highways for decades to reduce noise emissions.

    Living walls can create beautiful signage and are great for adding additional impact on company branding and image! Create striking imagery and signage with living walls. Transform your image, brand, walls and get creative. Create wow factor and sustainability with living walls.


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