Q. Which is your favourite Youtube fitness channel?

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Which is your favourite Youtube fitness channel?

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Jan, 2019

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  • tonystark

    FitMuscle TV is my favourite youtube channel. I follow their vlogs and videos on daily basis.


    It’s run by Gaurav Taneja. Gaurav holds a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Kharagpur (2008), A certified Nutritionist, a professional Bodybuilder and an Aviator. He is into Health and Fitness Industry since 13 years. The best part about FitMuscle TV is that you will always find their content backed by science and proofs. No Bullshit.

    Here’s a link to their Youtube Channel: FitMuscle TV


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  • tersesayings

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  • qhrehf1

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  • williamelay

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  • arvisaravanan

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  • linda57

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  • jacksonmiller

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  • amilebills

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  • oliviasmith

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  • Anonymous

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  • eduar

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  • hieult831

    Rohit Khatri Fitness chanel


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  • matto

    Steven Cao and Christian Guzmann are my fevourites channels. :) BEST MOTIVATION!


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