Q. Do you believe BTC can get up to $ 100,000?

Do you believe BTC can get up to $ 100,000?






Mar, 2019

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  • garry

    Embarking on my journey as a novice forex trader, I made significant errors due to insufficient pre-study. I faced the consequences of not fully grasping concepts such as stop losses, margin calls, and the importance of avoiding over-leverage. The insights provided by broker reviews, particularly on platforms like finex broker, proved invaluable in elucidating these critical concepts, aiding new traders in sidestepping potential losses.


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  • trieuda9559

    I think it can


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One among the 700 other, is the bitcoin, which was the first ever of its type. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that is not regulated by the government. Cryptocurrency is a market that is nearly a decade old and in its early stage. There can be many benefits of using a cryptocurrency but along with that comes the risk involved, that one must not forget to consider. It is believed, "like the internet, bitcoin will change the way people interact and do business around the world".

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