Q. Why is modern sport corrupt and dishonest?

Why is modern sport corrupt and dishonest?

Do you believe that victory is the main thing in modern sport? After my acquaintance with sports betting, I do not believe in the sports component. It’s all business , and sports wrestling is just a show for the audience.






Mar, 2019

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Basically, it's a physical activity played with a team or individually. Sports are celebrated around the world. In fact, history has it that the early Greeks started the Olympics as a dedication to the Olympian gods. There have been lots of local and international sports competitions. Often times, we identify the countries that excel in specific sports. Cricket, for example, is always played best by the Indians or Sri Lankans. In addition, the National Basketball Association in the United States of America has been in the limelight for several decades now. Super bowl is also popular around the world. All countries are given the opportunity to participate in international match. At least, once in a while the world stops to watch these competitions.

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