Q. What happens if hitler and his nazi wins in world war ii?

What happens if hitler and his nazi wins in world war ii?






Mar, 2019

  • pekokwowo

    Will destroy any country


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  • dogecoin

    whats happen? they will destroy world!


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  • nyunda22

    nazi never win, fascist is racist ideology


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  • rufpin22

    war, war, war, war war, war and war


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  • blickfang

    dominated the world with his fascist


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  • dferdibad

    Dominated europe, invaded russia, and british, destroy local culture, war against japan, WW3 started


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  • kacungpolisi

    Of course nazi will dominated europe..


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  • deracun

    i agree, they will war against japanese empire.


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  • persikab

    They will dominated the world and war against asia or japan started, i thinks.


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Do you agree that 'History repeats itself'? If so, would you dare to face famine, war, or black death in the present version 2.0? Institutions have taught you that you must study history in order to 1.) know the origin of a place or thing, 2.) have facts in almost everything, 3.) have a glimpse of the past, or 4.) have an insight of the future. Anything else?
Is 'History repeats itself' an equivalent of predestination - trying to make things better but still, 'History repeats itself'? Reconsider that future cannot be determined by the past rather the choices made in the present. Sometimes, it's 'Past is past'.

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