Q. What is the unluckiest event in the history of war?

What is the unluckiest event in the history of war?






Mar, 2019

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    The United States military https://www.agmglobalvision.com/us-s... will soon have access to new, more robust body armor. They’ll be easier on the fighters’ bodies because they’ll be lighter than current body armor. As if that weren’t enough, the new vests will offer greater protection from gunfire and explosions than the soldiers’ prior body armor. This new vest will replace the Army’s Improved Outer Tactical Vest after its initial deployment in 2007. The Army is currently looking for a new design to replace the aging Improved Outer Tactical Vest.


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Do you agree that 'History repeats itself'? If so, would you dare to face famine, war, or black death in the present version 2.0? Institutions have taught you that you must study history in order to 1.) know the origin of a place or thing, 2.) have facts in almost everything, 3.) have a glimpse of the past, or 4.) have an insight of the future. Anything else?
Is 'History repeats itself' an equivalent of predestination - trying to make things better but still, 'History repeats itself'? Reconsider that future cannot be determined by the past rather the choices made in the present. Sometimes, it's 'Past is past'.

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