Q. Why is belly fat so hard to lose in adults?

Why is belly fat so hard to lose in adults?






Mar, 2019

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    There are many reasons. As we age, our metabolism slows down as a result of lost muscle mass. We also tend to face hormonal shifts as we grow old, which affect the way our body stores fat. Usually, our bellies accumulate fat faster than other areas of the body.

    Adults also deal with more stress in life, which further aggravates hormonal problems. Other factors include lack of exercise, too much sitting, and eating more calories than you burn. If you are prone to binging on simple carbohydrates and sugar, you’ll also have more difficulty shedding off the fats in your midsection.

    With hard work, achieving a flat tummy is not impossible. Stop eating too much sugar. Eliminate it if possible. Get your nutrients from proteins and healthy fats. Lastly, ramp up your exercise routine with a prime focus on the abdominal area. If you’re wondering about the best exercise machine to lose belly fat, visit https://www.smartfitnessresults.com/....


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