Q. Why does your Ford F-150 trans occasionaly slip in drive range?

Why does your Ford F-150 trans occasionaly slip in drive range?






Apr, 2019

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    Ideally, your vehicle’s transmission should run smoothly, but when the gears begin to slip as the vehicle accelerates, this could mean that there’s an issue that needs to be determined and fixed. Several factors are necessary to ensure that the transmission works properly. The fuel level, transmission bands, and other connected parts should all be in check for the transmission to function the way it should.

    A likely cause of a transmission slipping is the condition of the transmission fluid. If the fluid level is low, overheating could occur, along with other issues that can contribute to a faulty transmission. Remember that the fluid level should be full. That said, it’s not just the fluid level that should be checked. The quality of the transmission fluid is also crucial. If you notice that the fluid smells burnt or it’s brown in color, then it requires replacement. Transmission fluid should be changed regularly, otherwise it can become thick, foamy, and contaminated—which will ultimately lead to even more complicated issues.

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