Q. What is the quality of a mature person?

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What is the quality of a mature person?






May, 2019

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  • cryptolord

    A mature person would be less arguing, more listening and understand people more. Maturity teaches that every person is not at the same level as we think.

    I also feel that maturity should not overlap the child in you. Having a child-like mind is equally important and necessary to generate new ideas and thoughts.


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  • gibson

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Personalities are always subject to issues and criticisms from people who are looking up on them. We often see them on TVs, social media sites, and newspaper. If you were lucky enough, you might meet them face to face by chance. Their lives can either be a source of inspiration or a bad influence to the younger generation. Even when these personalities pass away, their memories live on in the hearts of the people who love them and their significant contributions continue to exist and develop for the betterment of the society.

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