Q. Create E-commerce website?

Create E-commerce website?

Hello Everyone,

I want to create e-commerce website for my business and i am very confused which platform i use for my website. I have visit lots of website and i want to create website like winni.in. I loke their sub pages also specially https://www.winni.in/send-rakhi.

waiting for response.

rakhi gifts





Jul, 2019

  • nunezdanny

    few tips are very significant to have when one wants to build a website. They should also know 製作網頁 otherwise they will be unable to make profit. This will help them I am sure


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  • rakhicelebrations

    Hi Shilpa,

    There are many platforms for creating ecommerce website such as shopify, open cart, magento and more. You can use magento 2 to create an e-commerce website. Have a look https://www.rakhicelebrations.com/


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  • kallyani

    you can contact us, we will develop ecommerce websites based on you requirement. Visit https://www.seeroo.com/services/web-... you can mail us at [email protected]


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  • cryptorules

    I suggest you to use Shopify platform to build your e-commerce website. As you have mentioned, shopify has a lot of themes and plugins to choose from. It overall makes your development work hassle free so that you can concentrate more on the business. Have a look at it.



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