Q. What is the best free team communication app to replace slack?

What is the best free team communication app to replace slack?

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Sep, 2019

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  • starkjon

    A free team communication app that can help you get your work done is Clariti. Most communication apps today focus on making “teams” efficient. The “team” comes first, and “you”, the individual, comes next. You are not bound by the rigidity of team channels and pre-defined groups set up by IT. YOU get to decide what you want to organize & label and how. You get to choose who to add to a conversation and who to drop. Clariti neatly organizes all these threads of conversations by topic. This has a positive impact on productivity.


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Communication is when language, signs or silent expressions are made a means to convey thoughts, feelings and opinions. Communication has literally changed its face as now individual viewpoints can be shared on world-wide accessible platforms. Calling and messaging has never been this easy, platform like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram made it possible to reach out to millions of people at once. Effective communication is very essential because misinterpreted words can leads to disasters. Listening and speaking one after the other, exemplifies the best conveyance of ideas.

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