Q. What ingredients should you stay away from when choosing a food for your dog?

What ingredients should you stay away from when choosing a food for your dog?

It is completely dependent upon how nutritious food is your golden retriever feeding on but you should be extremely cautious about the foods that you must not feed your retriever when thinking of adopting a dog.

· Chocolate:

Chocolate is one hazardous food your dog must never be served. It has a compound called Theobromine, which is a cardiac stimulant. Humans can easily digest chocolates as they can easily metabolize theobromine but the dogs have a slow process, allowing toxins into their body, causing vomiting, and diarrhoea worsening your dog’s health.

· Coffee/ Tea/ Milk:

As the dogs from this breed are not suited for consumption of your favourite beverages and dairy products. These substances come with harmful substances, which in turn tends to cause diarrhoea, vomiting and cardiac arrests and other problems with their nervous system.

· Grapes:

Your cream golden retriever puppies may fall sick, if they intake grapes, raisins and currents, even in small quantities as these are toxic in nature. The first clinical observed signs are cause vomiting, diarrhoea, feeling lethargic, anorexia, degradation, excessive urination, which can eventually result in acute kidney failure and poisoning. 

· Raw Meat:

Consumption of raw meat has risks attached to these, as many are the benefits. Raw and uncooked meat has a variety of bacteria and pathogens, which is risky for dogs and the people around them. You can choose from either homemade food or pre-made food as the high-quality food helps in the reduction of risks. The Egolden retriever breeders in Florida advice buying meats that smell and looks fresh.

· Avocados:

Another very harmful food product for your golden retrievers are the avocados as they contain an oil-soluble toxin named the persin. Although, the study suggests that the avocados overall are not harmful to them as much is their seed is because the large seed is stuck in their stomach, intestinal tract or the esophagus. Thus, limit their consumption to the fruit itself to cater to unexpected situations of accidental choking and unexpected emergency surgery on your beloved pet’s body in order to remove the tennis ball-sized pit.






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