Q. How do I wake up my Brother MFC Printer offline?

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How do I wake up my Brother MFC Printer offline?

If your Brother Printer is offline, then you should immediately wake it up. To wake up Brother Printer from “deep sleep”, you have to click on the “Menu” button and navigate to the “General Setup” menu. From here, click on the “Ecology” option and then click on “Sleep Time”. Now, based on the type of your printer, you have to enter the time for which it should remain idle before going in sleep mode. Set the time using the dial pad and enter any number between 00 and 99. Again, click on the “Start” and “Options” button together. This action will display a message saying “Sleep Mode: On”. You have to turn it off using the arrow keys. To confirm this action you have to click on the “OK” button and exit the window.

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Jan, 2020

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