Q. What Is the Optavia Diet?

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What Is the Optavia Diet?

Optavia is a diet plan for weight loss which is owned by Medifast, a meal replacement company. It’s actually a popular weight-loss plan, as Google named Optavia one of the trending diets in 2018. The plan prescribes eating a mix of purchased, processed food — called “fuelings” — and homemade “lean and green” meals which are low in carbohydrate but high in protein and probiotic cultures, which contain friendly bacteria that may boost your gut health. These foods include bars, cookies, protein-shakes, puddings, cereals, soups, and smash potatoes. Dieters are encouraged to incorporate these packaged items along with “lean and green” meals consisting of 5 to 7 ounce of protein like fish, chicken, egg whites, turkey, or soy and non-starchy vegetables like lettuce, greens, celery, or cucumbers and to work with an Optavia coach to lose weight.

There are three plan options:

5&1 plan: It is the most popular plan, this version includes five Optavia “Fuelings” and one balanced “Lean and Green” meal per day.
4&2&1 plan: For those who need more calories or flexibility in their food choices, this version includes four Optavia “Fuelings”, two “Lean and Green” meals, and one snack each day.
3&3 plan: This one is designed for maintenance, this one includes three Optavia Fuelings and three balanced Lean and Green meals per day.

So to summarize it we can say that “the Optavia diet is a low carb diet plan owned by “Medifast” which includes pre-purchased, portioned meals and snacks, low carb homemade meals, and ongoing coaching to encourage weight and fat loss”.

So the million-dollar question is How does Optavia help you lose weight?

Optavia Diet relies on intensely restricting the consumption of calories and carbs to promote weight loss. Most of the “fuelings” cover around 100–110 calories each, meaning one will take in around 1,000 calories per day on his diet. Due to the drastic measures of Optavia’s dramatic approach, U.S. News and World Report ranked it №2 in the list of Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets. In the short term plan, it seems impossible not to shed at least some pounds, while you’re eating half the calories most adults consume but its long term plan is less promising.






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