Q. How to Setup Your HP Printer Using 123.hp.com/setup?


How to Setup Your HP Printer Using 123.hp.com/setup?

• At first, cut the tape of the printer package and check for the essential contents
• After that, power up the HP printer using the power cord
• Press the power button to power on the HP printer
• Secondly, choose the language and then set the date and time
• Thirdly, carry on with the prompts and install the ink cartridges one by one
• Fourthly, insert the paper into the paper input tray
• The HP printer is all ready for the printing job
• Moreover, you can download the driver from 123.hp.com/setup
• Finally, proceed with the wireless network connection using the WPS method or standard connection method

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Apr, 2020

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  • john89

    When you purchase an HP printer, you will receive it in a well-protected package. When it comes to unboxing your new HP printer, you must be patient. To set up your HP printer, follow the instructions above at [Click https://wearableworld.co/123-hp-com/...].

    • First you must remove the packing materials from the printer in order to unbox it.
    • Avoid damaging HP printer components by handling them smoothly.
    • Remove the power cord next. Plug it into an electrical outlet or into the printer.
    • You need to turn the printer on.
    • Into the paper tray, feed the documents. Make sure your documents are clean and wrinkle-free.
    • After all of the documents have been placed, close the internal chamber.
    • After inserting the document, place the ink cartridges in the corresponding slots.
    • The 123 hp com setup printer ink slot will have a color tape indicating where the cartridge needs to be inserted.


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