Q. What are the duties of a dialysis technician?

What are the duties of a dialysis technician?

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Oct, 2020

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    If you are familiar with dialysis machines, you probably noticed that they aren’t exactly user-friendly. While people who suffer from kidney conditions for long periods of time end up learning a lot about dialysis, most patients are better served by having someone who can bridge the gap between them and the machine. That’s where a dialysis technician comes in.

    The job of those professionals is to make sure the dialysis process goes as smoothly as possible. They clean the dialysis equipment, take patient vitals, measure and calculate blood flow, and respond to the machine’s alarms whenever necessary.

    Dialysis technicians are also in charge of general patient care. They can inform doctors and other professionals if they notice something wrong with a patient, and they can also provide support to patients when needed. This includes assisting patients with limited mobility and offering emotional support.

    If your goal is to work in healthcare, you may want to consider the career of a dialysis technician. It’s a pretty good path to take, as this guide indicates.


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