Q. How to change Southwest Flight Ticket Online?

How to change Southwest Flight Ticket Online?

Do you want to change your Southwest flights that you recently or previously booked? If yes, then you just need to follow certain rules for changing your flight ticket. Southwest airline allows you to make changes in your flight ticket without any hassles. Before making flight change, you should have some knowledge of the flight change policy. Follow the below rules to modify your flight ticket on the Southwest airlines.

·       Make sure you change your flight ticket on Southwest inside 24 hours after booking your flight ticket.
·       If you have changed your flight ticket within 24 hours from the scheduled flight departure, then you don’t have to pay any change fee to the airline.
·       If your Southwest flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, then you can change your flight ticket without any charges.

Follow the simple steps to make changes in your Southwest flight:

1.     The first thing you need to do is open the official website of the Southwest Airlines on your preferred browser.
2.     Next, you have to tap the Change Flight tab which is present next to booking.
3.     Enter the last name of the passenger and booking confirmation number in the corresponding field.
4.     After that, you should click on the Find or Continue button.
5.     Now, you are required to click on booking and see whether you are entitled for the flight change or not.
6.     Then, pay the change fee if any and then go through the on-screen prompts to change your flight booking.

After following the above mentioned instructions, one can easily change the southwest airlines reservations in a very secure manner. If you have any kind of query or require assistance, then you can contact the customer service team of the Southwest airlines. The customer representatives are highly-proficient and skilled who assist their passengers in very possible way. Additionally, you can even visit the help desk to clear all your queries in a short span of time.






Nov, 2020

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    How to Change your Southwest Airlines flight

    Right now, Southwest Flight Change one of the best flight change policies I have ever seen. Between certain dates, you can change your flight for free AND not have to pay the fare difference!

    Southwest Airlines flight change rules

    • When you change your flight on the day of departure, the same rules apply as if you changed your flight weeks or months before.
    • At Southwest, if there is a fare difference between what you paid for your reserved flight and your desired new flight, you nearly always have to pay the difference.
    • Nevertheless, you will not be asked to pay an additional fee on top of the fare difference.
    • Those traveling on full-fare tickets may have to pay little or nothing to change their reservations. Ditto those who want to change a discounted fare reservation while discounted seats are still available.
    • The problem comes if you want to change a discounted reservation when discounted fares have sold out. This fare difference may end up being more than the change fees charged by other airlines.
    • Happily, though, Southwest Airlines Reservations Roundtrip prices are actually two one-way fares. That means that you pay only the difference on the portion of the reservation you are changing.
    • Although it will not waitlist you in advance for full flights, Southwest standby allows you to show up at the gate. The agent will confirm with you if he or she can. You will be asked to pay any fare difference.
    • Use your existing boarding pass to go through security and then head for the gate of the flight you want. As with other airlines, elite Southwest Airlines’ frequent flyer members have priority over you.
    • Even if a flight shows no seats available, travelers miss connections, do not allow enough time for security, or simply fail to cancel reservations that they will not use. A totally booked flight does not mean that you will not get on.

    Here’s how to change your Southwest Airlines flight if it goes down in price after you booked

    Unlike other airlines, which can charge $100 or $200 for changing a flight, Southwest doesn’t charge a change fee; you only pay the difference, if any.

    In the case of fares that decreased after you booked, you won’t get a refund – unless you bought refundable tickets. But you can get a travel credit toward a future flight. Even if you booked using Rapid Rewards, the same policy applies – you get the difference in points.


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