Q. How do I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

How do I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, Spirit Airlines is the eighth largest commercial airline in North America. It is an ultra low cost carrier that operates scheduled flights throughout the United States and Caribbean and Latin America. Spirit Airlines is not counted as the member of any of the three major airline alliances.

At the time of booking the tickets, no one us predicts that we might have to cancel the tickets. When somebody cancels the tickets, he or she expects the amount to be refunded back. Although it is not there in the terms and conditions of all the airlines but Spirit Airlines provide this facility to its customers. Talking about the charges now, the flight flex is $0 but this is valid up to twenty four hours before departure. Also in case of the same day changes or if somebody comes up to make the changes or expect a cancellation and thereafter a refund and that too in less than 24 hours before departure, the charges for the same will be $99.

Steps to cancel and avail the refund from Spirit Airlines

Here is a guide to some easy step that you can follow at the time of cancellation and refunding of the reservation or the tickets. You can follow this guide as a reply to your query how do I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Step 1: Login to your Account at Spirit Airlines.

Step 2: Now select my trips from the top. This can be done on the homepage too.

Step 3: Then you are required to enter your flight confirmation code and last name as you had entered at the time of reservation or booking. This is basically done to retrieve the ticket confirmation.

Step 4: This will lead you to the summary page of your reservation.

Step 5: Choose Cancel Reservation in order to cancel the itinerary.

Then you will be eligible to avail the Future Travel credit or you can even ask for refund. If you still feel any confusion regarding the booking/ cancelling/ refund procedures, you can retrieve the Spirit Airlines contact number from their official website. Contact live person at Spirit Airlines https://www.reservationsdeal.com/blo...






Jan, 2021

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