Q. Why does my channel struggle to be successful with the same content as other successful channels?

Why does my channel struggle to be successful with the same content as other successful channels?






Mar, 2021

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  • gladyskucharski

    First of all don’t compare your channel, your videos, number of views, likes, anything with another person’s channel. Just avoid to do this even if your channel falls into the same niche or topic. You never know how many years that other person with whom you are comparing, is making, uploading videos, what strategies he is using, from where he is diverting viewers traffic. You can never know those details.

    So, just stop comparison!

    There are few things you need to keep in mind.

    • It takes time to grow on youtube. It depends on your CONTENT AS WELL AS STRATEGIES.
    • If you think content of your videos is the only thing that matters the most then you are wrong. You will not gain views even if you make good videos by putting lots of efforts in editing, presentation etc.
    • That does not mean you should stop making good videos. There should be something about your channel that will attract people. The quality and uniqueness of your channel will keep people coming again and again on your channel.
    • Apart from content inside video, few more things are important. You need to show what is your video about through thumbnail, description and tags. Everyone knows how to do this but not everyone knows the importance of it. Thumbnail, tags have power to bring your videos in searches, suggested sections and homepage. MANY PEOPLE UNDERESTIMATE THIS POWER!
    • You have to be careful while making thumbnail and writing description and tags. Work on your thumbnail and tags. What do i mean by working on it. Include RIGHT KEYWORDS! How will you find what keywords are grabing views - There are many tools like tubebuddy.
    • Another important thing is increase your audience engagement with videos. Likes, comments and shares do matter ! It improves your video ranking. Encourage your audience to subscribe, like and comment below the video.
    • Most of people just open analytics tab in youtube studio to see numbers. Nobody studies those numbers and try to understand what’s working and why it’s working. Reading and understanding analytics is not at all difficult. No need to dive into numbers and percentage. Just look at the nature of graphs and you will get the idea. Those graphs are reflection of your own content and strategies.
    • You should really be careful while making thumbnails. We all read text written on thumbnail first then text in the title. We do it unconsciously. So thumbnail is the first impression of your videos. It must be catchy but clear, concise and to the point.
    • There are many small things such as updating your playlists, ordering them in a manner make viewer’s life easy.
    • The more subscribers you’ll have, the more your channel will grow. If you are new on Youtube then getting subscribers may be an intense activity for You. You can buy youtube subscribers to give a quick headstart to your channel. when it comes to increasing subscribers, Instantviews.co is the best company by far. They provide real, genuine subscribers, and also offer a money-back guarantee. I have had great experience with them.

    There are many things which I can suggest to grow on youtube but as I said it takes time to grow your channel. I think many people just focus only on videos and they don’t work on improving search rank of their videos. I will suggest you only one thing that don’t give up so soon. Every successful channel had 0 views, 0 likes and 0 subscribers in the beginning.

    Just keep working on your content and strategies.


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