Q. How do I know if my new home will be at risk of a fire?

How do I know if my new home will be at risk of a fire?

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May, 2021

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  • nunezdanny

    I was just looking for some camping information, and it does certainly seem like I’ve come to the right place. Now, all I need is reference as to where I can find IG55 fire suppression system. Can someone please help me out?


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  • evangelinechaffee

    When moving to a new home, always carry out a risk assessment. No home is ever completely safe from the risk of fire but you can take as many precautions as possible. You can do some obvious checks yourself, including checking whether smoke detectors are working and checking that you have multiple escape routes in the unlikely event of a fire emergency. Your own training is as important as what tech is installed in your home.
    Also, get professional experts involved. They’ll do a more thorough and complete check. You can search for a local company to help out. For instance, I live in Palm Desert so I would just search online for fire protection Palm Desert. They’ll be able to spot any problems and tell you exactly what changes you need to make to decrease the fire risk as much as possible. You can start looking for fire protection services by visiting Desert Fire.


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