Q. How can I improve my poetry?
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    Most people struggle to write poems when they first start. I guess, most people struggle with anything when they’re complete beginners. You improve your writing simply by practicing as often as possible. Don’t worry about writing something amazing. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike you. Simply practice regularly and keep writing garbage until you find a special nugget of something brilliant. Great poets aren’t just born geniuses. They’re simply more persistent than everyone else.

    I recommend that you surround yourself with creative people like Dijon Bowden. This will help to inspire you as to what is possible. As you watch them create art, you’ll start to understand their methods and can apply them yourself. Over time, you’ll create your own methods and find your own route towards good poetry. Be patient and let your emotions guide you. You can find more information about how to improve your creative hobbies by visiting Dijon Bowden.


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From William Shakespeare's famous 'Romeo and Juliet' to E.L James' 'Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele', literature has captivated the world. Classical taste replaced by vulgarity of words to flow through your innermost being. It is humanity in words. Look around you and see people loving all its forms. For emotions you can't express, put it in words. For a life story that deserves to be read, make a novel. For hard days and few romances, use the poem. In the 21st century, blood has turned into ink. Literature carries values to have a heart for humanity. Yet, it has never ended the cruelty.

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