Q. Cloud Infrastructure Services & Solution?

Cloud Infrastructure Services & Solution?

Netedge technology provides cloud infrastructure management services like Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and management. Our experienced and well trained team can take care of almost all kind of cloud technologies. Contact Us!






Jun, 2021

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  • bonita58

    Thanks for sharing this interesting question. Cloud infrastructure solutions are rapidly replacing the traditional deployment models. Especially, fully managed cloud models like FaaS, IaaS and PaaS are considered the best solutions to build, deploy and host tech stacks in the absence of managing and installing on-premises infrastructure.

    AWS is the leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that owns 99 availability zones in 31 regions of the world. So, you can say AWS products are on the top when it comes to cloud services and solutions. Few other big names could be Azure, Google Cloud Product, Back4App, Parse, Heroku and DigitalOcean are here that companies can consider.


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