Q. Download and install the Canon Printer Drivers via canon com/ijsetup?

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Download and install the Canon Printer Drivers via canon com/ijsetup?

Canon is one of the best and renowned brands in photography and printing technology. Canon printer drivers easily download on Canon’s official website. Also, if you can’t locate the best-supported driver for the operating system, you can simply go to the ‘Canon.ijsetup‘ link for download and complete setup of the Canon printer driver.

Steps to Download the Canon Printer Drivers

To start the download process of Canon printer drivers, follow these on-screen directions provided below:

  1. First of all, launch your favorite web browser on your device.
  2. After that, type the official Canon website “canon com ijsetup” in the address bar and hit the Enter key.
  3. Once you reach there, you will see the choice to set the desired language. Pick the language through the options by selecting the pull-down menu list.
  4. After that, pick the icon of “Set up (Start Here).”
  5. Once you do that, you will reach the Product selection screen.
  6. Thereafter, go to the search panel in the center of the window and input the printer’s model number.
  7. After this, hit the Go button.
  8. On the pursuing screen, choose the OS of the Counter. For example, you may use Mac or Windows, situated at the top right side of your screen.
  9. You should choose the inverted triangle icon and pick the preferred operating system through the list.
  10. Later, you should start with the process of ‘Canon Printer Download’ by hitting the tab of Download.
  11. Now, it will begin the ‘Canon Printer Drivers Download’ procedure.

Steps to Install the Canon Printer Drivers

To start the install process of Canon printer drivers, follow these on-screen directions provided below:

  1. Before continuing further, link the device with the exact wireless connection with which the printer is linked.
  2. After that, launch the folder of Downloads on the system.
  3. Go to the Canon Printer Drivers downloaded setup file and twice clicked on it.
  4. Now, you will see the ‘User Account Control’ prompt for asking permission for installation. Hit the Yes button to allow.
  5. It will take you to the installation wizard of Canon Printer Drivers.
  6. Now, the Canon Printer Setup screen will give you a choice to set the desired language.
  7. You should select the Language section and choose your desired language.
  8. Thereafter, hit the button of Next.
  9. On the pursuing screen, verify the “Connection Method” option. Hence, choose between the “USB Connection” and “Wireless LAN Connection” method.
  10. For Mac users need to input the Administrator Login details and then hit the button of Install Software.
  11. Make sure that the printer is switched on and the power light is correctly blinking and stable.
  12. After that, click on the OK button.
  13. This will browse for the Canon printer linked to the network.
  14. Then pursue the on-screen pop-up to finish the procedure to install.
  15. In case you are linking the Canon printer to the network already, choose it through the list from the “Printers on the network list” screen.
  16. Now, hit the Next button and then input the printer’s serial number.
  17. You should press the button of Next. It will begin the procedure to install the Canon printer.
  18. Thereafter, you will see the screen of “License Agreement.” Hence, make sure that the “Deactivate the Block” is chosen.
  19. Now, hit the Next button.
  20. You should reach the “Allow All Install Wizard Processes” screen, and you need to select the tab of Next.
  21. It will begin installing your printer driver on the device.
  22. Then you will get a “Print Test” screen. To launch the test, hit the button ‘Execute’ and pursue the pop-up.
  23. Don’t forget to load the paper into your printer.
  24. Jump to the next screen and hit the tab of Next.
  25. In case you would like to register the Canon product, hit the Next button.
  26. Afterward, you will reach the Extended Survey Program screen.
  27. You will now see two choices: ‘Disagree’ or ‘Agree’.
  28. Finally, hit the Exit button to shut the scree

Procedures to Configure Canon com/ijsetup on Mac

Go to the instructions that are specified below to configure the Canon IJ setup on Windows and Mac.

  • Go to the manufacturer’s site and type the printer you want to get the printer driver on Mac
  • Select the Operating System and your computer version if not found automatically
  • Press the driver’s tab and choose the driver file. Press the Download button to download and install it on your Mac system. Examine that you have downloaded the MP driver that will be having the Canon IJ setup utility package.
  • Once the download process is completed, choose the Applications option and go to the location where it is saved, and press double click on the.PKG file to run it.
  • After the installation process is completed, choose the Applications option from the Go menu of the finder
  • Do a double-click on the Canon utility folder and make use of the IJ scan utility and IJ printer utility.

Steps to Print Canon IJ Printer Setup on Windows

The first step of the procedure is to check whether the Canon printer is switched on.

Load Paper of your appropriate size in the input tray after exploring it
The succeeding step is to access the Printer Driver Setup window on your system
Choose the profile that you use frequently. Select the Quick Setup tab from the Commonly Used Settings option.
On selecting the printing profile of the Canon IJ setup, the additional features, media type, and paper size values are adjusted to their original values.
The print quality must be set to High, Standard, Draft based on your requirement
The setup process is completed by following the guidelines displayed on your screen
Press the Ok option to save the settings
Access document you wish to print by using the Canon printer and move to the File tab
Choose the print option to print your documents.
Key Takeaway)

After going through the above troubleshooting procedures, you must call the Canon support number to install it on Windows and Mac. The technical help desk is used the IJ Start Canon Setup on Windows and Mac. The technical team is professional, capable and fully trained to install and run Windows and Mac on your system. Once you go through these steps, you must call the Canon customer care number to troubleshoot it. Move to the support center to fix it immediately.






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