Q. How do I Print Wirelessly to my Brother Printer?

How do I Print Wirelessly to my Brother Printer?

A Quick Guide To Wirelessly Print Items From Your Brother Printer

Are you facing trouble with your Brother printer? Is it not able to print your desired items wirelessly? Well, Brother printer users often face such situations. However, this issue generally occurs due to an incorrect internet connection setup. But one can still fix it without any hassle. Therefore, read this post further and get to learn about setting up a wireless connection between your PC and Brother printer. Also, if you don’t find the information helpful, then you can contact the technician at Brother for further assistance.

Steps To Print Wirelessly From Your Brother Printer

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up a wireless connection with your Brother printer and PC use it to print items.

  • At first, make sure that you have turned on your Brother printer, and then hit the Menu option on your printer’s control panel.
  • Next, use the navigation buttons on the control panel to navigate to the Network section, and then select WLAN.
  • Now, select Setup Wizard, then press OK to see the WLAN Enable Message.
  • Next, select Yes to enable the wireless connection on your device, then your Brother printer will search for the available networks.
  • Next, use the Up or Down arrow buttons to pick your wireless network name, then press the OK button to enter the network password.
  • Now, again OK button to confirm the successful connection, then you can see the Connected message.
  • Finally, you can now use the Brother application to print your items.

Furthermore, if still your Brother printer connected to wifi but not printing, then you get in touch with the technician experts at Brother printer and get their assistance. They’ll surely guide you with the best solutions and information and ensure a better printing experience.

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Jul, 2021

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