Q. Is it possible to get free dental care in Ontario?

Is it possible to get free dental care in Ontario?






Aug, 2021

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    Yes, but only under specific circumstances. You can get free dental care in Ontario and other Canadian provinces if you meet certain requirements or find yourself in certain situations. The details of how this works varies from province to province, but most of the free dental care rules come down to fixing birth defects and helping patients after serious accidents.

    For example, if you are born with a cleft palate or suffer a jaw fracture during a car accident, you will get free treatment for both through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), as this post on Smile Care Dental’s blog explains.

    However, most types of dental care are not covered by the OHIP. So you won’t get free checkups, cleanings, restorations, or free teeth removals. That’s why approximately two thirds of the Canadian population have dental insurance to cover their expenses.

    There are also Ontario government-funded and federal-funded programs that can allow certain citizens to get free dental care in the province. Groups that may have access to free dental care include seniors, kids, disabled adults, low-income adults, resettled refugees, First Nations people, and veterans. If you’re part of one of those seven groups and currently live in Ontario, look up the specific requirements involved in benefiting from these programs. Benefiting from one of these won’t always cover all of your expenses, but it will help.


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