Q. How do I get in touch with Asiana Airlines?

How do I get in touch with Asiana Airlines?

How do I get in touch with Asiana Airlines?

Are you looking for some ways to connect with Asiana airlines? You need not go anywhere else as here you will get to know all the possible ways to connect with Asiana Airlines. So, if you are wondering, how do I contact Asiana Airlines? You can read the information below thoroughly.

Several ways to contact Asiana airlines

If you want to contact the airline for any reason, you can choose any of the available options below.

Customer support number:

You can contact the airlines by using its customer service phone numbers available online.

  1. For hotel reservation (STPC) information for a hotel in the U.S or any service guide,

  2. You can call the airline at 1-800-227-4262 during business hours, which are 07:00-24:00 weekdays and 0800-24:00 during weekends/ holidays.

  3. If you belong to a different region, you can select your number from the service guide section on the book online page.

  4. Dial the number on your phone, follow the other side’s instructions, and connect with the live person anytime.

By Email:

you can share your feedback and experience via Email. Fill in the form available on the official website, enter the details and submit it. The Airline support team will review your form and respond to you via Email.

Via Chat:

To raise any inquiry or ask any general question, you can connect with the airline via its chat service.

Via Social Media:

You can also follow the social media links of the airline, available on the official website.

How do I contact Asiana Airlines? Reading the above information, now you get the answer to your query. Using the above options, you can connect with Asiana Airlines anytime.






Aug, 2021

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