Q. How much time can a beginner take to grow up the channel on YouTube?

How much time can a beginner take to grow up the channel on YouTube?






Aug, 2021

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  • harry58

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  • gladyskucharski

    Well this depends all on how you market your self. I know people who taken years to grow to 100 subscribers and i know people who have gotten it in a couple days.

    Content remains king as always

    If you are looking however to grow your YouTube channel, i gained 1900 subscribers in about 5 months using a good social media agency. Now that doesn’t mean you will grow just as fast, you might be able to grow faster like i said it all depends on your content at the end of the day.

    But i would take a look and check out which agency would work best for you.
    Apart from that there are several steps you can take to grow naturally YouTube is Tricky it requires a lot of work, be ready to put in that work if you are really planning on growing it.

    First thing is first, CONTENT! This is the shit you need to really grow on YouTube. This means getting people who will give you honest feedback on your videos to give you feedback on it.

    Search engine optimization- SEO is the best way to have your video show up in a search engine. I downloaded a program called VidIQ which can help you really optimize your SEO on YouTube.

    Thumbnails-Click bait but dont false click bait and don’t OVER clickbait. Just add a bit to the picture to make it really pop. Share that everywhere. Every social media page you got you have to be ready to post your Video on there.

    I again used a social media agency to grow my page as well, it has helped a lot but its not needed!

    Having a twitter and Instagram followers you can post direct links to your YouTube video and send people to it! This can help a lot with growth and working with the YouTube algorithms.

    VIDIQ- this isn’t the only program but VidIQ is great and free and it helps you optimize your SEO.

    Make sure your Titles and everything are great and capture peoples attention


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