Q. How to Effectively Increase Website Engagement?

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How to Effectively Increase Website Engagement?

With an excellent SEO strategy in place, your website may witness an increase in traffic and inorganic leads, but the website could be a hurdle in converting them to customers. Website visitors are an important aspect of digital marketing. These potential customers need to be targeted for increasing the sales and growth of the business. Even the best SEO company in Ahmedabad suggests website optimization to increase the engagement of the website.

Along with SEO in Ahmedabad, here are some of the optimizations that would make the website more appealing.

  1. Responsive Designs Are Alluring
    The design has an important part to play to increase the conversion rate. A dull and boring design that is hardly keeping up with the expectation of the visitors would die in no time. A contemporary design that is effective enough to seek the attention of the visitors is likely to the interest of the potential customers. Segregate a good amount of time to work on the responsive design of the website to enhance the visitors’ experience.

  2. Work On Optimizing the Speed of The Site
    The loading speed of the time directly has a direct impact on the visitors. If the site is taking more than usual time for loading, the visitors are likely to leave the site before the resourceful and well-designed page even loads. One of the major reasons for the increase in the bounce rate of the website is the slow loading of web pages.

  3. Streamlined Navigation Is Must
    Do not let the visitor get lost in your website due to the complicated navigation. If they do not find what they are looking for, they will leave the site even if your services are top-notch. Sort your navigation structure in a way that is easy to navigate among web pages. This would save you from the increase in the bounce rate.

  4. Chatbot Is Never to Be Ignored
    One of the major reasons that the experience of the simple query resolving of the users upon visiting a website is the chatbot. This little AI software comes with an option of customization to provide a personal touch when users have a chat.

They are not just for query resolving; the data they derive from the conversation could be used for analysis. Having an insight into the customer behaviour while using your website would provide an opportunity for improvisation, which increases the visitor’s and user’s engagement.

  1. Add Contests, Offers, and Giveaways
    Why won’t the visitor leave the page if there is nothing interesting to hold their attention. How would you ensure that they do visit the page back and more time? This could be sorted by providing the offer that users are likely to get interested in.

As per the stats, a good amount of contribution to user engagement comes from these content offers and giveaways.

Apart from making the site inclined with t what your audience wants, these optimizations would increase the impact of SEO in Ahmedabad on the website giving favourable results of your SEO strategy with increased conversion rate and decreased bounce rate.







Aug, 2021

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