Q. What are some classic beginner mistakes campers should avoid?

What are some classic beginner mistakes campers should avoid?







Sep, 2021

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  • kristensmithj

    Most beginners get caught off guard on the small things. We are so used to having all the small needs and creature comforts of life readily available, it can be hard to account for the absence of every single one of them. So some people forget to pack toilet paper. Others pack their toothbrush but forget to bring floss. Even if you don’t usually floss at home — you should, by the way — you’ll be eating a lot of different stuff while out camping. And trying to pick food from your teeth with your nails is not fun.
    Checklists are your best friend when planning a trip. Instead of trying to figure out what you need the night before, start listing things a week in advance. That will give you plenty of time to think of little necessities like this.
    Also, I count “trying to get away from technology” as a classic beginner mistake. There is something nice about going camping with no phones and as few modern comforts as possible. But that’s not something you should try on your first camping trip.
    If you are new to camping, make yourself comfortable, maybe even talk to a campervan hire Kent like Deal Dubs and bring your home on wheels with you. There will be plenty of time to camp like a Spartan later.


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