Q. How can I recover my suspended Twitter?

How can I recover my suspended Twitter?


Twitter is a free platform for sharing real pictures, links, news, etc. It has millions of users across the world who use its remarkable and secure services. Like many other social media platforms, Twitter has also set some terms and conditions of use. That is why, when it detects any inappropriate action on an account, it suspends it.

Has Twitter suspended your account? Did you toggle with its functions and posted something that violates the terms and conditions of use set by Twitter? Don’t worry! We have solutions for your all Twitter account suspension-related queries, along with an answer to how to get back my suspended Twitter account issue.

Guide on recovering a suspended Twitter account

Log in to your Twitter account

Before attempting ways to recover a suspended Twitter account, try login into it with correct login credentials. Go to the Twitter log-in page and provide your login details. Follow all the on-screen directions and enter the verification code sent to your email or phone number. If it shows up an alert about your account suspension, follow the steps mentioned below.
File An Appeal
Go to the Twitter account suspension help page to recover the Twitter account got suspended- https://help.twitter.com/forms/gener...
On the “Submit a Ticket” page, you will see some sections affiliated with the verification of your identity.
Type the description of your problems and where the issues are appearing up.
Now provide your information-
* Your full name
* Twitter username
* Your email address
* Your phone number (linked to your account).
* Submit the appeal and wait until Twitter considers your request genuine and responds to it.
Hopefully, this guide has answered the “Recover my suspended Twitter account” query.

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