Q. Do Benefits of Time and Attendance Systems Benefit Employees in Any Way?

Do Benefits of Time and Attendance Systems Benefit Employees in Any Way?






Sep, 2021

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    It depends on the implementation, but the answer is generally yes. Time and attendance systems don’t exist just to keep track of when employees clock in and out of the job. As this example shows, these systems also help managers better organize rotas and shift patterns, which can greatly streamline the process. That is good for business, of course, but it’s also good for the employees since it makes it clear when they’re going to work next.

    Some solutions even offer different types of web integrations or apps to help employees keep track of their work hours and schedules. It’s worth remembering that a few decades ago the only way to sort all of this out was through spreadsheets and phone calls, which was much slower, and much more subject to human error.

    Finally, a good attendance system eliminates ambiguity. There will be no question over whether or not the employee clocked in on time, or whether or not they have worked overtime that week. And that level of digitally-enabled certainty can reduce conflict and insecurity in the workplace.


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