Q. Email forwarding problem: How do I Forward AOL Email to Gmail?

Email forwarding problem: How do I Forward AOL Email to Gmail?

** How do I forward My AOL Email to Gmail 2021?

AOL Mail is an email service provided by AOL, a website. One of the features of AOL email is the ability to automatically forward all incoming email messages to another email account. This mail forwarding feature may be configured using AOL Mail’s general settings option. Once you’ve set up email forwarding, you’ll continue to receive emails in your AOL Mail inbox.

How to Automatically Forward AOL Email

Open the AOL application on your computer. Enter your AOL username and password and click the “Sign In” button.
Click the “Settings” link and select the “General Settings” option.
Go the “Forwarding” option.
Click the dot located to the left of the “Forward a copy of incoming mail to:” option.
Enter the full email address to which you want to forward a copy of your AOL Mail.
Click the “Save Changes” button to complete the setup of your AOL Mail forwarding.
This is sufficient to forward all AOL emails to Gmail. If Gmail can reach the AOL mail servers, you should start seeing emails right away.

You can use the ‘Label Incoming Messages’ option at Step 6 if you wish to. You should see the option to ‘Label Incoming Messages’ below ‘Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server.’ If you have a large inbox, adding a label will help you find forwarded emails in Gmail. It’s completely optional, although it’s beneficial if you get a lot of mail. Click Here

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Oct, 2021

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