Q. How to Fix Google WiFi Router not working?

How to Fix Google WiFi Router not working?

How to reset Google WIFI router not working
If you are using a Google WIFI router, you may find that you need to reset it at some point. Maybe you want to change the WIFI password but cannot log in to the router, or you just want to return it. This is a step-by-step guide on how to safely reset any Google WiFi Router as recommended by the manufacturer.

If the router is not plugged in and turned on, the router cannot be reset. Before attempting to reset the router, make sure that the router is plugged into a power outlet and fully turned on. You can know the status of the router through the light bar in the middle.

  • No light means that the router may not be plugged into a power outlet. You can also disable or dim the indicator light through the Google Home app.
  • An intermittent white light indicates that the router is receiving power. Before attempting to reset it, give it a few seconds to fully boot.
  • A steady white light indicates that the device is turned on and working normally.
  • The device will display a yellow light when it is reset.
  • A red light indicates that the router has a serious error and may need to be reset.
  • You can also check whether the router is turned on through the Nest app. Open the application on the device and check whether the router is displayed in the list of active devices. If you have already set up the router, you can also check whether the WIFI network is visible in the network list. https://www.not-working.co/how-to-fi...






Oct, 2021

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