Q. How I can recover my AOL Account?

How I can recover my AOL Account?

I have followes the process ofAOL account recovery
First, i went to AOL’s login page and select the login/join option.
Then entered the username and click on the next option.
The next step is to select the “Forgot Password” option.
After that,I have entered my username and click on the next option.
In this way, you must fill in the recovery email address by clicking Try other verification options.
The next step is to select the reset link for the email address option but i didnt have either email or number how i would be able to recover my account?






Oct, 2021

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  • ronanwilliams389

    Many people don’t realize it, but if you haven’t logged into your AOL account for a long time, you may end up being locked out or even forgetting your password. Recover AOL Email Account Password However, if you want, you can https://www.findmebuddy.com/how-to-recover-aol-email-account-password/ using the account recovery media. This is how you can do it.

    Steps to recover lost AOL Email password

    1.Firstly, open the login page and report that you have forgotten your AOL account password.

    1. Now from here, enter the username or phone number to verify that the AOL account belongs to you.

    2. Next, choose any account recovery media that can be an alternate email or choose to answer security questions.

    3. When you choose an alternate email, you will find a recovery code in the email and use it to reset a new password.

    4. Or you can answer the security questions and then reset the password.

    And that’s it for AOL account recovery. For more information, contact the support team.


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