Q. Why do so many people struggle to grow their YouTube channels?


Why do so many people struggle to grow their YouTube channels?






Nov, 2021

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    YouTube may be the most popular video site on Earth. But it’s not easy to grow a YouTube channel . Lots of people are trying, but very few succeed. The key question is why do most people fail to grow a YouTube channel?

    Here are 5 reasons for failure to grow a YouTube channel:

    Bad Quality Video

    YouTube audiences have low tolerance for poor video quality. This applies to sound, picture and lighting. Most people who fail to grow a YouTube channel upload shaky videos that lack focus or have distracting shadows in the background.

    No Engagement

    YouTube audiences pay attention to channels that engage them. It’s no fun watching a screen filled with talking heads who never talk to you. These channels don’t develop fan loyalty and fail to grow a YouTube channel

    No Marketing Strategy

    YouTube audiences are fickle. If they’re not entertained or engaged, they’ll click away in a hurry. You can’t rely on them to find your videos without some kind of marketing strategy. Most people who fail to grow a YouTube channel make no attempt to create a marketing plan.

    No Consistent Content

    YouTube audiences expect regular, consistent content. If you can’t meet that requirement, your viewers will go elsewhere because they need reliable sources of entertainment and information. Most people who fail to grow a YouTube channel upload haphazardly with no schedule for new content.

    No Social Media Presence

    YouTube is part of a larger social media presence that includes Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. You can’t be effective on YouTube alone; you need to interact with your audience across multiple sites and platforms. Most people who fail to grow a YouTube channel don’t bother with managing their social media accounts and have a weak social media presence.

    Thankfully, there is a simple solution to every one of these problems:

    • Practice your technique until you master it. Don’t be satisfied with offering less than the best quality video you can deliver.

    • Engage your audience from the very beginning. Make them feel like part of the team and they’ll want to help you succeed.

    • Develop a detailed marketing plan that includes promotional videos, ads and social media so you can get your message out to the people who need it most.

    • Schedule regular uploads so people know when to expect the next video in your series. This will develop a loyal fan base that grows with you as you improve your content.

    • Use social media sites to establish yourself as an expert, not just another anonymous online personality. The more visible you are on social media, the more visible your YouTube channel will be.

    • Work hard at creating the best online presence you can. Make it a part of everything you do so success will follow for as long as you want it to.

    If YouTube audiences are what you need, start applying these tips today and watch your YouTube channel grow .


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