Q. How to get support, if Android TV Remote not working?

How to get support, if Android TV Remote not working?

Learn the process of Android TV remote stopped working.

Android TV becomes the part of our life to experience and to watch favourite shows, movies and unlimited shows. However, if you found you TV remote batteries to be low and sometime your LED of remote range does not give effective signal to TV. In that case here you will find the simple ways to fix the issue of Android TV remote not working.

Stick with the steps to fix Android TV remote stopped working.

If you found your Android TV remote not working, then it’s not a big deal now to solve it. Let’s move down to see the simple steps to Android TV remote working.

  • Check whether which Android TV remote you are using. If the user is carrying a Siri remote or Apple TV remote, you should charge it for at least 30 minutes by using a lightening to USB cable and a USB wall charger.
  • If the user is using an Apple remote, you should replace the battery.
  • User should stay within the range of Apple TV and try to move anything which blocks the path between remote and front of Apple TV, receiver and sound bar.
  • To fix it on early stage, unplug your apple TV from the power source and wait for at least six seconds and plug it back again.
  • User should restart their Android TV. Since if you are facing issues with your remote, you just need to simply unplug your Apple TV from its power source, wait for few seconds and then plug it back in. This is also called reset the of remote.
  • A quick way to set up your Android TV remote
  • In the initial stage, first press menu or Android TV App/ Home on the remote to check whether Android TV is working or not.
  • User should try to pair their remote, keep the TV remote three inches away from your Androide TV. Moreover, Press and hold remote�s menu and volume up button for at least five seconds.
  • If you found your remote to be not working, Turn on the accessibility features as settings> General> Accessibility> and then thoroughly check on the settings.
  • Now use the Android TV remote in Control center for iOs or iPad to control Apple TV.

Beside, above all the points, if you require more assistance, you can call directly on their helpline number to get the immediate feedback or assistance. Apart from that, even you can mail your concern to the dedicated team of Android to fix the issue of Android TV remote not working.

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