Q. How to Fix TP Link Router not working?

How to Fix TP Link Router not working?

Your router is from TP does not work, the link can be both in the router and in your Internet provider. In this practical tip we will show you how to identify the problem and solve it.

The problem is not with your Internet Service Provider, it helps in most cases, a simple reboot. All settings on your router back. Next, you need to configure the router. It only takes a few minutes. That’s how:
On the back of the router you will find a small button labeled “Reset.” The button is in a hole, you need a paper clip to press it. Press the reset button for about three seconds, the lights blink at the start of the router.
Release the button and wait a few minutes for the router to reboot. Then you can use the device via LAN cable to connect to your computer and use the IP address to configure. For username and password, select “admin”.






Nov, 2021

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