Q. How to choose a restaurant for a date?

How to choose a restaurant for a date?

What are your tips?

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Nov, 2021

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    Choose a restaurant that serves market cuisine - regional recipes that are fresh and in season. Try a place that specializes in this type of cuisine. The atmosphere is also more intimate, ensuring your intimate conversation is uninterrupted. Intimate settings are also a good idea for a sophisticated date. The menu should be small enough to allow you and your partner to talk without being interrupted. It’s also a good idea to skip heavy dishes, as they can make the meal too long.

    A romantic evening can be made more special by incorporating a specific cuisine. Using certain types of spices, herbs, and other ingredients is an excellent way to take your date on a romantic adventure. You don’t have to stick to a specific cuisine, but you can serve a variety of dishes that remind your date of a special holiday. Just make sure that you include a dessert, and don’t forget to leave room for a sweet surprise after the meal.

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"Dating is the start of everything" - is that so? It is the stage where you get to know the person better. Online dating versus personal dating. People have different perspectives about it. Some say that the best dating should be face to face. It’s fortunate for others who find their better half through it. However, we cannot conclude that online dating is never successful and is worse. We may call it a Long-Distance-Virtual-Relationship having hopes and faith for each other. Somehow this is for risk-takers and brave hearts - no trust issues involved. Choice is a choice.

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