Q. What is Android TV and How Does it Work?

What is Android TV and How Does it Work?

How Does Android Tv Work

Did you recently get an Android TV but have never used one before? That is why now you are facing problems trying to figure it out. That is why we have prepared this article for the betterment of our users.

So we will suggest you to stay till the end of the article so that we could find a solution to your problem of android tv.com/setup code so that you can try on the fixes and use your TV easily and enjoy watching it.
So here are the ways by which the TV works and you can try to use your Android tv.com setup well.

Ways to Work Android TV

It is very simple to set up Android Tv and you can learn it very easily too. You can easily look up the tutorial for the same or you can also read our article.

#1. Voice Search

On the top of the interface you will see a search utility which will be powered by the Google assistance and these provide the support of voice search to the Android televisions. But this will only be operational only when you will have the necessary hardware which is required for it and which will allow the TV to hear you.
You can search all sorts of movies and channels using this voice search which will also help you to set up my TV.

2. Apps and contents

If you are wondering how do I setup my android TV then apps and content could be an option for you for which you need to go to the vertical rows which you will find on the home screen from where you could use the apps like Netflix, Amazon instant video, BBC iplayer and many others to set up the TV and use it.

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