Q. How Can I Change My Passenger Name on Korean Air?

How Can I Change My Passenger Name on Korean Air?

In case you write the wrong spelling of your name while booking your Korean Air flight and now you are searching for how can I change my passenger name on Korean Air. Then you just have to click on the given link and you will be able to easily change your name on Korean Air flight ticket without any problem.
You would need to follow the information given in the post, and your query will be resolved soon.
By following the steps given below, you can change passenger name on Korean Air.
• Visit Korean Air’s website.
• Click on the ‘Book’ option.
• Click on the ‘Ticket Change’ option under the ‘Change and Refund’ section.
• Click on ‘Edit,’ and now you can change your name and click on ‘Submit.’
• Please make the payment if any change fee is applied.
If you cannot change the passenger name online, you can contact customer support of Korean Air.

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Dec, 2021

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