Q. Do I still need a lawyer?

Do I still need a lawyer?

I committed a crime and am going to plead guilty.






Dec, 2021

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    “Need” is a strong term. If you wonder if having an attorney is a legal requirement when negotiating or accepting a plea deal, the answer is no. You have the right to an attorney; you are not required to have one. That said, pleading guilty without talking to an attorney first is still a very, very, very bad idea.
    There are two reasons why you should talk to a law firm like Astor Legal before pleading guilty. The first is to make sure you even need to accept a plea at all — there’s a chance the prosecution doesn’t have a strong case, and you might be able to get the charges dropped with the help of a good attorney. After all, even if you are guilty, that doesn’t mean the other side can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
    The second reason is to help you negotiate the details of the plea deal. A plea deal usually goes through several rounds of negotiation and revisions before it is accepted, which means that the first deal you’re offered is usually the worst. Your attorney can help you get the best deal possible.


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Every deed done may not be correct, thus we have laws. Human is the noblest creation of god yet there is need of law to save the victims from others of the same kind. A country has a legal set of regulation that the citizens are obliged to follow. The ideology beneath the purpose to protect the innocent and provide justice, works on fear of penalties. The system of rules imposes the punishment in accordance to the crime. “More law, less justice”.

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