Q. What are the greatest strategies to connect with website visitors and enhance conversion?

What are the greatest strategies to connect with website visitors and enhance conversion?






Jan, 2022

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  • ronaldmartin

    Hi! The a great way to connect with your website visitors is by posting engaging and interesting content. If you are able to catch their attention with images and text, humor them, share figures and facts, summarize it all in a way that appears neutral, yet clearly and definitely makes a point – helping them find a solution to a problem and allowing them to interact with your website – like buying a product, making a sales call, a query form submission, then you are at your best. Ultimately you have to prove that you are the best in business, your products, prices and services are better than your competitors. Period!

    So, here are the website prerequisites:

    • Your website should be fast to load (well optimized).
    • It should be easy to use.
    • It should be informative. have genuine, engaging, original content.
    • It should conform to latest SEO guidelines.
    • It should be ultra user friendly – fast Login/Register/Account - - – Creation/Order management/Reordering/Tracking/Returns/Refunds management.

    There are a few other ways to improve things further:

    Add an email subscribe field. Send newsletter – a beautifully, well written article related to hot tips, something about your products, offers, events, etc.

    Add a pop up – a sales query form, which comes up after a certain time – where a visitor can submit his query. This way he/she won’t have to go to contact us page or search for your contact details on website.

    Add a whatsapp button – its fairly common these days and you can chat with online visitors on your mobile. Even better, add a call now button, so that visitors using mobile phones can see the button and click on it to call you instantly. It saves time, and brings hot leads to you right away.

    Send emailers – new products, back in stock, offers and whatever you like – don’t forget to add a discount coupon valid for next 24 or 48 hrs.

    Allow sharing of content – add social share buttons to your pages, posts and products allowing people to share and recommend them to others in their network. It increases views and conversion.

    Get your customers to share their reviews for your products/services on your website – ask them to do it and offer them something in return – a discount coupon for future purchase is fine too.

    Display company presentation, business videos, product videos, reviews and genuine information that can help a website visitor looking for a solution.

    List FAQs to answer any queries your online visitors might have. List offers for the day and make sure your prices are lower than your competition (online sales are all about prices) while offering all the facilities ( free shipping/trial period/money back guarantee, etc).

    Post this – be there when you get a call, a query or a sale. Don’t just stand at a distance, connect personally with a customer. Remember, if they like you, they will buy what you are selling. If you can genuinely help them and behave cordially, they will come back to you again. They will also spread a good word for you for free.


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