Q. Facebook.com/Login/Identify Not Working?

Facebook.com/Login/Identify Not Working?

Whether you’ve forgotten your password or think your account has been hacked, in this step-by-step guide we’ll show you how to recover your Facebook account.

Facebook offers several automated ways to recover your account. Most of them depend on the information you entered and validated when you set up your account. If you haven’t, or if the information is out of date, the chances of you being able to regain access to your account are slim.

However, we will show you an option for when all other recovery methods fail.

Use an alternate email address or phone number to sign in
You may be able to log back into your Facebook account using an alternate email address or mobile phone number listed on your account.
If you don’t know what alternative information you have:
Using a computer or mobile phone that you have previously used to log in to your Facebook account, go to Facebook.com/Login/Identify and follow the instructions.
Learn how to reset your password once you log back into your account.

Try to regain access to your email account
If you signed up for Facebook with an email address, you can try contacting your email service provider to recover your email account.
To get started, check your email login screen for an option like Trouble signing in? or Forgot your password?
If you regain access to your email account, you can complete the steps to reset your password.






Feb, 2022

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